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5 Safety Products Every Wheeler Should Have

5 Safety Products Every Wheeler Should Have

When you use a wheelchair, you’re considered more vulnerable than the average person, and there are people who will take advantage of you. This is exactly why you must always think about safety — you never know who may view you as an easy mark.

Here are some products to help you stay safe:

1. Cell Phone

Cell phones are the biggest life savers of people with disabilities. They allow us to live alone independently, with help just a call away. And cell plans are now cheaper than ever, allowing those who couldn’t afford one before to now do so. You may even qualify for a free cell phone if you receive certain government benefits.Tracfones are also very inexpensive if you don’t have the money for a smart phone.

2. FlipBelt

If you’re concerned about having your wallet stolen, the FlipBelt is the safety answer you’ve been looking for. This colorful waistband looks like it’s part of your clothing when in fact it’s a place to store items. It’s a great place for everything from your wallet to your phone. Just flip the front of the belt to access your valuables.



3. Weapon

You may not be able to walk, but you can still defend yourself. If you can use your fingers, consider a firearm, mace, a taser — even brass knuckles are decent self-defense weapons. If you can’t move your fingers, there aren’t many weapons you can use, so always make sure you have your cell phone on your person. Also, consider a self-defense class. Criptaedo offers videos that may give you some ideas, and if you Google “wheelchair self-defense” you’ll see other options as well.

Criptaedo was created to teach people with disabilities self-defense.

4. Wheelchair Light Reflectors

It is critical to stay safe when you’re on the road, and once the sun goes down you become invisible. To raise your visibility, light reflectors on your wheelchair are a must, and can be the difference between life and death at night. You can find inexpensive reflectors at a local Target or Walmart, and See and Be Safe is a company that makes light reflectors specifically for wheelchairs.

With reflectors like these from See and Be Safe, they'll always see you coming — and going!

5. Motion Detector Camera

Consider setting up a motion detector webcam by your front door and connecting it to your laptop, which of course you’ll keep with you by your bed. This allows you to see who’s coming and going outside of your home, which is a good thing if you need help getting out of bed.

Being as safe as you can be when living with a spinal cord injury is a never-ending process. There’s so much to prepare for. Just remember, with a little bit of planning you can maintain your independence and increase your safety at the same time.

What products do you use to stay safe?


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