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A life changing technology

A life changing technology

Hi Guys, I been on a wheelchair for 8 years and I’ve been using a Roho for about 6 years – so I have  pretty good knowledge about this particular product. If you have any comments or suggestions about any cushions which you think are pretty awesome, drop mean email and I will post it on the blog.  I remember deciding to buy my first pressure cushion and I was really confused as I wasn’t sure what the hell to get. One friend had the Jay Gel Cushion and back then the selling price was about R7000. On the other hand, the Roho was about R4500 and since I was just about to start a new job which required me to be sitting for  12 hours at one go,  I knew that I  really needed a cushion or I was “screwed”

How did I choose ? Since the Jay was more expensive I assumed that is was better but being unemployed at the time, money was a factor. Even though I considered the Jay2 Gel a stronger cushion at the time, I bought the Roho and was terrified that I was going to pop the air cushion as I was kind of a rough guy who just threw my stuff around.

Okay let me get to the point, I have the same Roho for 6 years and I did not get a single pressure sore in that time, Praise God. My Roho is in a great condition and still going strong. I’m sure that I can get another 3-5 years out of it. The only thing I needed was new cover  but I bought a spare Roho and used the cover from that one and now, my old cushion looks like new.

However please remember, I really look after my cushion, I never grab or pick up the  cushion by the valve and when I jump in my car and have passengers, I place the cushion in front where nobody can interfere with it. Once, a friend accidently pulled out the side valve where you fill air in resulting in a puncture which I had  fixed for R120 at CE Mobility and it is as good as new.

Only you know the true value of your cushion and once you get used to your Roho, it’s very hard to go day without it. That is the  reason I bought a spare Roho because it allows me to  go about my daily routine without the fear of getting a pressure sore. It is really up to you though, but for me I will never buy a different brand of cushion and highly recommend the product. People I know that once used other cushions, all migrated to the Roho.

Princing :

Ce- Mobility : R 4689.00

Mr Wheelchair : R 5950.00

Umhlanga Medical Services : R4800.00

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