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Author: Wheels On Wings

Try this at home with help! Going Up and Down STAIRS in a WHEELCHAIR

I know one day this is video is going to help get up or down a flight of stairs. I will practice the techniques learnt on this video with some help really don’t want to be falling down a flight of stairs. This is the way that Mad Martini goes up the stairs by him self. And he also shows you how he goes down the stairs solo. Hit the subscribe button for your support on his YouTube...

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Introduction to Wheelchair Skills

A  new series of short videos aims to help manual wheelchair users develop skills and techniques to increase their independence and avoid some of the medical problems that people with spinal-cord injuries (SCI) experience as they age. The videos were produced through the SCI Empowerment Project, funded by the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation, within the University of Washington (UW) Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. It was directed by Rina Reyes, MD, associate professor and medical director of the UW Medicine SCI Rehabilitation Program. The videos promote proper wheelchair skills to preserve long-term shoulder health and prevent falls. Some of the videos...

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‘Brain training’ technique restores feeling and movement to paraplegic patients

D r Miguel Nicolelis explains the findings of the Walk Again Project, the collaborative project aimed at helping paraplegic people regain control of their lives using robotics. The project published its findings after ten months’ research into the use of virtual reality and exoskeleton technology with paraplegic people. However, it was found that the pairing of technologies lead to unexpected positive results for patients, all of whom reported increased movement on command and greater sensation after 2000 hours of training with the systems Eight paraplegics – some of them paralysed for more than a decade by severe spinal cord...

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What happens in Case of Emergency

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. Do you have a plan in place to evacuate a multi-story building if the elevator goes out? An out-of-order elevator presents a minor inconvenience for most people, but it’s a major challenge for wheelchair users. Add in an emergency evacuation, and the situation can become life-threatening.  While there are numerous resources and information available to plan for these situations, many wheelchair users and those who assist them are ill-prepared to navigate stairs in the case of an emergency or elevator outage.   “Situational awareness is the answer. Know if the building has ‘stair descent...

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Children with Disabilities Denied Education in South Africa

Author: Human Rights Watch – Contact: Quote: “Human Rights Watch also found that children with disabilities who attend special schools often must pay fees that children without disabilities do not.” Main Document An estimated half-a-million children with disabilities have been shut out of South Africa’s education system, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today at a joint event with South Africa’s Human Rights Commission. The 94-page report, “”Complicit in Exclusion’: South Africa’s Failure to Guarantee Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities,” found that South Africa has failed to guarantee the right to education for many of...

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