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Defying the odds

Defying the odds

Thiagen Natesan, Project Officer for PDP has so much to live for and his story is like that of a movie script. After being told he had

7% of survival following a tragic accident in 1998, which claimed the lives of two of his friends, Thiagen Natesan rose and beaten all odd to accomplish his goals. He miraculously survived after enduring 45 days in a coma on life support, six months in hospital and 18 months in rehabilitation, sustained severe injuries during the accident which resulted in him being confined to a wheel chair and it appeared to be the end of his illustrious career in sport.

He is still active in spor t and has a number of awards to show. This include the a gold medal at the South African Table Tennis Championships for the disabled he was the captain of all sporting

codes in Primary and Secondary school, secured his Natal colours in table tennis. Natesan refused to abandon his spor ting career or leave his Spor ts Science degree incomplete. He completed his degree while confined to the wheel chair, which he no longer uses. This PDP employee’s ultimate goal is to represent South Africa in the Para-Olympics in 2012. Last year he also par ticipated at the games in Costa Rico and finished fourth.

During his spare time, Natesan who along with other Natal table tennis players, offers voluntar y coaching at the Chatswor th Youth Centre, would also like to thank Eskom for sponsoring his participation in the South African championships. The company sponsored his flight tickets and accommodation

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