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Disabled – Accessible

Disabled – Accessible


Disabled – Accessible – Enabled Travel in Africa

If you are disabled and wish to travel to Africa you will have to plan your trip quite carefully. There are not too many facilities in Africa for disabled travelers but there are some tour companies that specialize in travel to Africa for those with mobility, hearing and visual impairments. This page will list resources, links, articles and travelogues to enable disabled travelers plan their trip to Africa.

Epic Enabled Travel & Epic Guest House
Epic Expeditions has been running since 1992 as an overland company. They now offer a similar “overland” opportunity to those who need extra assistance getting around. Epic Enabled was born (2001) they specialize in tours within South Africa but also offer tours in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe/Zambia (Vic Falls) and accessible tours in the rest of Africa. In late 2010 they opened their own fully accessible Epic Guest House in Cape Town.

Safaris for the Disabled
An excellent resource for those looking into a safari geared to people with differing disabilities. Lots of information and links to safari companies who specialize in disabled travel to Africa in particular.

General Tips for Disabled Travelers
Gimp on the Go has an excellent section covering basic information for disabled travelers. Tips include how to handle increased security at airports (especially when wheelchairs now have to be disassembled), traveling with oxygen, hearing impaired travel ideas and much more.

Go Africa Safaris in East Africa
Go Africa Safaris offer personalized safaris and travel in Kenya and Tanzania for disabled travelers. Whether you are mobility impaired, hearing impaired or sight impaired, the company will make the arrangements for you to enjoy an exclusive safari experience. You can also go canoeing, trekking, swimming and much more throughout the region.

Endeavour Safaris
Endeavour Safaris is a family owned company in Southern Africa specializing in accessible travel for disabled people. Safaris and tours extend to Namibia and Botswana as well as South Africa. People with mobility, visual and hearing impairments as well as oxygen-users and those requiring kidney dialysis can be accommodated.

Accessible Egypt
Egypt for All has several programs and tours catering to the needs of disabled travelers going to Egypt. There are specialized tours available for wheelchair travelers,and other physically impaired travelers. A group recently made the summit of Mount Sinai in their wheelchairs; this is a great company.

Namibian tours for disabled travellers
Several tours in Namibia for disabled travelers in wheelchairs. Independent tours can be arranged although one able bodied driver has to drive.

Safari Tours and Overlanding in South Africa
Epic Tours is an overland company that has run enabled tours for over 5 years. Their 8 day Safari through Kruger National Park is receiving rave reviews from their happy customers. Their safari trucks are specially adapted to offer comfort and safety to wheelchair passengers.

Wheelchair Accessible Holidays in South Africa 
Access Africa is a British based company that offers a wonderful 12 day adventure tour of South Africa. Options include scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. The tours are geared to provide maximum comfort and safety for wheelchair customers as well as their families traveling with them.

Travelogue: Sun City, South Africa
Hilton and Loretta travel to Sun City in South Africa for a nice leisurely weekend. The bathroom passed the wheelchair test and the safaris were excellent. A very positive review for those interested in traveling in South Africa.

Travelogue: Scuba Diving in Egypt
Julie and Jasmine review their scuba diving trip in Egypt which included 5 people in wheelchairs. An excellent account for anyone who is wheelchair bound and is planning a trip to Egypt. Their itinerary included Cairo, Sharm-el Sheik, Dahab and Luxor.


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