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Driven to Learn

Driven to Learn

DRIVEN TO LEARN: Lettie Wentzel is excited to be studying a Certificate IV in Disability this year. LETTIE Wentzel’s love of working with people with disabilities will be taken to another level this year. Mrs Wentzel has enrolled in a Certificate IV in Disability through Mylestones training, which is run by non-profit organisation Choice, Passion Life. CPL is a non-profit organisation that provides vital support and services to more than 8000 children and adults with disabilities in Queensland and northern New South Wales. Mrs Wentzel completed her Certificate III last year and cannot wait to get another qualification under her belt. “I have been working in the industry for five years and it feels like I can give something back,” she said. “Certificate III was of treatment of people with a disability and Cert IV is management of staff in an organisation.” She is one of six students set to study the two-year online course in Gladstone.

Mrs Wentzel has been working for CPL as a full-time carer and also for the Gladstone Community Linking Agency. At first, she didn’t have an interest in working with people with a disability. “I was working 25 years in pay roll in South Africa,” she said. “My husband got the opportunity to come to Gladstone.”I wanted to try it out for three months and five years later I am still here.”Mrs Wentzel, who has four children herself, said her love for her job grew every day. “It’s gorgeous working with families; they grow on you,” she said. “Every day is different and a challenge.”

Mrs Wentzel’s goal is to continue being a carer for clients in Gladstone for as long as she can. “I like Gladstone, it is safe here,” she said. “In South Africa it is dangerous.”

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