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Find out how Harambee can help you get and keep a permanent full-time job?

Find out how Harambee can help you get and keep a permanent full-time job?

Harambee was set up to transition disadvantaged 18 to 28 year old unemployed matriculants and graduates, with no prior work experience, into entry level jobs where there is a high demand for labour. Harambee addresses both the demand and supply side challenges, by understanding the recruitment needs of employers and increasing the likelihood of a young person integrating into the world-of-work. 18 to 40 years for people living with disabilities.

What we do for young job-seekers
Harambee is a free service that helps young South Africans overcome many of the difficulties they face in finding and keeping their first job. Our assessments and training help you get and keep a real job at a real company. We help young people with a matric or equivalent qualification who have been looking for a permanent full-time job, but haven’t been able to find one. We also help young people who have a university degree or other tertiary qualifications but haven’t been able to find a job. Most people find their jobs through a social network – school or university, friends, family or previous work experience. For people who don’t have these social networks, networks that link to jobs, finding a job is difficult. Harambee works to create this kind of social network for young job-seekers. Research by the Development Bank of South Africa shows that a young South African who can get and keep a first job for at least 12 months has an 85% chance of being employed for the rest of their lives.  So if you are ambitious, have never worked before but really want a successful future, join Harambee! Click here to see our entry requirements, and then click here to apply.

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