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NekNomination Anyone?

NekNomination Anyone?


Johannesburg – Neknominations may have started as a silly drinking game shared on social media, but South African Brent Lindeque, and now SA fast food chain Nando’s, are fast turning it into something positive.

Nando’s this week responded to a social media challenge to do something charitable by renovating the kitchen and dining area of the Sithandiwe Disabled Day Care Centre in Alexandra in Johannesburg.

“At Nando’s we try always to have the courage to do the right thing, and when we were NekNominated we knew we had to help Brent Lindeque achieve his turn-around dream, as well as reward the faith shown in us by Robbie Ragless and Yakeen Sadiq,” said Nando’s General Manager, Lindani Mnyandu. “As we say in our video, how could we resist the opportunity to turn a dangerous online drinking game, that encouraged the irresponsible use of alcohol, into a challenge to fire up the world to do good rather than harm.”

Last week Robbie Ragless of New World Immigration and Yakeen Sadiq from Ragstar Media. challenged Nando’s to do a charitable act after they donated lunch from the fast-food chain to 90 underprivileged school children at Cape Town’s Masikhululeke Educare Centre.

“Nando’s,” they said in their neknomination, “you’ve got one week to give whatever you want to whomever, but just make sure it’s charitable.”

Ragless and Sadiq were in turn inspired by Brent Lindeque who decided to do something different with his NekNomination, by giving a homeless man a sandwich, a chocolate bar, and a coke.

“I’ve decided to create something positive out of the random global phenomena of NekNominations. Downing a can of Castle Lite is easy…imagine if we all harnessed the power of social media to make a real difference in people’s lives. #OnlyGoodThings,” he wrote on Facebook, underneath his uploaded video.

The NekNominations started in Australia, and is a game where a person is nominated by their friends to down a beer within 24 hours. Once the nominated person has finished the task, he can nominate others to do the same. Videos of the nominated individual downing have been shared widely on social media sites around the world.

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By Mara Ispas | SA Breaking News

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