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Never Ever Stop Dreaming

Never Ever Stop Dreaming

When adversity happens, find a way to cope with it and don’t give up on your dreams.

Sometimes good things come our way, sometimes bad things do. However, we still have a choice. We can define ourselves by what happens to us, or we can define ourselves by what we choose to be.

As I look around the disability community, I see doctors, lawyers, counselors, actors, writers, athletes, husbands, parents, and leaders. I cannot see any reason why we can’t be what we always wanted to be.

I know there will be exceptions. A paralyzed pilot  may never fly  jet again. But does that mean he will never fly again? I am not so sure.

When I was undergoing rehabilitation, one thing I thought about was the future. I had spent most of my life getting ready for one type of career. However, while I was getting accustomed to my new life, I found I no longer desired my old one. I still had dreams; they were just different ones.

The key here is to recognize the difference between chasing a new dream versus giving up on an old one. Without dreams and people chasing them to fruition, the world would be a much more boring place.

When you’re faced with adversity, on any level, deal with it. Find a way to cope with it; put some real support in your corner; don’t let depression take hold on you, find humor in life; take time to play; and for God’s sake … never, ever, give up on your dreams.

Find another dream if you wish, but chase it, believe in it, and become it. Whether it is a crutch or walker or wheelchair, do not let anything keep you from chasing your dream. For the world needs you, just as much as you need the world.

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