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Pimped Out Gold Plated Wheelchair

Pimped Out Gold Plated Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are not always about technology. For some people it’s all about riding in style and sending a message. You have likely heard of Larry Flynt.

That’s right, Larry Flynt, possibly one of the Larry_Flynt_Wheelchair-266x400 (1)most successful wheelers to ever grace a chair and obviously a gent who likes to go beyond pimping out a wheelchair.

He’s the dapper gent in the image and also the creator/publisher of porn classic Hustler Magazine as well as several other over 18 ventures. Mr. Flynt had this gold plated wheelchair done up for those occasions that required formal attire.

Quite the get out I would say and certainly a high brow way to send a message to all of the detractors he had magnetized during his career. Anyway, Larry’s gold plated wheelchair is certainly a one of a kind piece.

Here’s some advice for those who may be considering decking out in one of these rides. Dont Expect Discovery or your insurance company or family members. Don’t even think of this as investing in gold. It will get stolen long before you make it to the pawn shop. Do save up a bundle of money first.

Do email me a picture once you are up and rolling.

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