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Saint Giles – Empowering the Disable since 1952

Saint Giles – Empowering the Disable since 1952


MISSION STATEMENT To provide service and support to disabled persons from all communities
PAST TO PRESENT On 29 May 1952, the Durban organisation was founded by a former journalist, Kerry Malt,who was himself a disabled person. It started in a humble way with visits to the sick in hospitals and private homes, and has grown into the organization it is at present Today we apply our Mission Statement in 6 main activity areas: > Work Centre – employs 78 disabled people with high profile customers such as Unilever, Entyce and Jurgens CI. Work undertaken mostly consists of sorting, packing and/or assembling

> Remedial Gymnasium – treats an average of 33 patients each week day morning. Use is free of charge. The Gym offers remedial exercise therapy for disabled persons in the form of light and active resistance exercise. It is 100% compatible for patients confined to wheelchairs. In addition, the Gym also has a Tilt Bed and Automated Terra Cycle for patients suffering with lower limb immobility

> Appliance Hire – We provide wheelchairs, crutches and walkers at a nominal rental

> Job Seeker Data Base – This data base holds information on disabled people who are seeking employment in commerce and industry. We market this service to companies who may require to hire a disabled person

> Educational Trust – Provides study bursaries for school and tertiary studies to disabled persons, who must be at least 16 years of age and financially needy

> Charity Shop – The charity shop sells second hand donated goods

We are a Non-Profit Company, a registered Non-Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation. Our support comes by way of donations, bequests, business from Work Centre Customers and sales from the Charity Shop. The company is Level 4 BEE compliant

Saint Giles is situated at South Beach. Contact TERRY RENNIE at 031-337-4404 for more information

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