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Saint Giles Remedial Gymnasium

Saint Giles Remedial Gymnasium

I was 4- years into my injury when I first heard about Saint Giles from a friend who is also on a wheelchair ( Justin )  I was really tired of the hanging on the street corners even though I didn’t admit it to friends so I thought that this would be a great way for me to become pro – active like my brother kept telling me. Anyways, about a year later I bumped into a complete stranger ( Jabu) who only when I got to the side of his car saw that he was in a wheelchair but still driving. WOW, was my first thought. While chatting he asked me if I heard about Saint. Giles and I learnt that he knew my mate Justin as well.

Off to Saintt Giles I went expecting to train but when I got there I was greeted and taken to offices and given forms to get filled in by my doctor.  Huge disappointment knowing that I couldn’t train but was then introduced to Rory who was the trainer at the Gym. What a pleasant guy, absolutely genuine in his approach – made me feel comfortable and I immediately knew I was going to return there and train.

With the lack of transport I could only get myself there once a week which was a great start. It was my first time been in a room with so many other people in a similar situation as myself. After been introduced to my fellow “crips” I was shown the big wheel and it was time to warm up and little did I know, GROW UP as well. Next up was getting onto the bed for stretching the legs and passive exercises which was amazing and  the fact that you had someone qualified enough to do it for you was a bonus. Light weight training was next followed by an amazing exercise machine which basically allowed  for your legs to be strapped while sitting on the wheelchair and with the press of a  button it was as if you were cycling.  I could already feel how good this place was for me, not just physically but mentally as well. Adrenalin pumping, I was already plotting who I was going to get to bring me back for my next session. I was up to 2 sessions a week and only stopped visiting Saint. Giles when I got my first job.

Unfortunately, they not open on weekends and getting there on weekdays was a mission but Saint. Giles was my stepping stone to greater things and it really helped to give me the boost I so desperately needed. It was one of  the best moves I’ve made on the wheelchair as it led to me getting back into sport further down the line – I can’t stress the importance of exercise whether disabled or not but believe me, it’s critical that your body have regular maintenance when you use a wheelchair.

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