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Taylor Baucom has a passion for telling stories

Taylor Baucom has a passion for telling stories

This story caught the attention of Wheel on Wings which was feature in TIME. Taylor’s story subject, Gena Buza, caught ours.

As told by Taylor, a visual journalist based in New York City:

In October 2003, six-year-old Gena Buza and her younger sister, Sophie, were riding in a car, their grandmother at the wheel, when the grandmother lost control of the vehicle and it smashed into a tree. Gena was thrown from her seat and suffered a bruised spinal cord that left her paralyzed from the chest down. She is considered quadriplegic. 

One might expect that this is the beginning of a tale that ends in broken dreams and heartache. But the heartache wore off, the dreams have evolved and Gena is today a remarkable 16-year-old with a story to tell. I have been photographing “Gena, In Constant Motion” since 2012.

Photo on right by Taylor Baucom: Sue carries Gena back to her chair after having her picture taken in a patch of springtime flowers. “She’s just so strong, physically and mentally, says Gena. “Numerous years of lifting me and carrying me and pushing a wheelchair through the snow, she’s just amazing. I don’t think many people could do what she does.”

Gena shares a poem recounting a day that changed everything and about how she has rebuilt her life.

Read it here.

The video below was produced at the 2012 Fall Workshop at Newhouse at Syracuse University.

Gena, In Constant Motion: By Taylor Baucom from MPD – SI Newhouse School on Vimeo.

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